Paul's Handyman Repair & Welding Services

50 years' experience


Greenville, SC

I can do many jobs on your schedule, saving you time & money.

• I like doing honey-do jobs.
• Remodeling: small interior or exterior projects
• Painting: interior rooms, kitchen cabinets, & exterior structures / furniture, fences, sheds
• Window & door replacements: reframing, adjustments, hardware upgrade, etc.
• Woodworking projects: shelves, decks, specialty projects, & some craft projects
• Minor Electrical & plumbing projects specific to county codes
• Power washing: home, small business, autos
• Lawncare: mowing, blowing leaves, lawn fertilization
• Sharpening services: lawn blades, yard tools, lawn shears/pruners, post-hole diggers, etc.
• General mechanical repairs: cars, trucks, small engines, lawnmowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers
• Welding services: MIG welding light to medium duty projects, gates, specialty projects

Other services may be available. If you need something, Call or Text (660) 728 9907